Guest Registration

Frequently Asked Questions about Dinner Reservations

I have to cancel after the deadline- are there any options for the dinners I have paid for?  Yes!  First we’re sorry you can’t attend, and we can’t give you a refund, but we don’t want the food to be wasted either.  You’re very welcome to sell or give your dinner reservation to anyone else who is attending.  All we ask is that you contact the staff and explain so that we can update the official list.  That will avoid issues at the worse time when everyone is entering the hall.  If you don’t know anyone else who will be there, you can take advantage of the Facebook and Beachtalk forums to contact others who might be interested.  Don’t forget to let the staff know at

Can my friends who don’t wish to eat join me in the hall to visit?  Absolutely!  We have redesigned the ceremony this year to allow exactly that!  We encourage everyone to come into the hall together.  You will be given wristbands upstairs that will allow your access to the buffet area.

Can I bring all of my dogs along?  In previous years we asked everyone to limit their dog attendance to one if possible because of seating room at the dinner tables.  We’re expanding this year so that’s no longer as much of an issue as in years past.  However, if you can easily limit your dogs particularly if they will make it difficult for you or others to eat, please do so.  We trust our guests to make the bests choices possible for their families.  We also suggest you have a “Buffet Buddy” and take turns watching dogs while filling plates in the food area.

Do we need to tip the catering staff?  No, the dinner reservation total is all inclusive and our actual cost- we aren’t making any funds from the sale of the meals.  That total includes a standard gratuity to the staff as well as Myrtle Beach hospitality tax.

Can drinks/alcohol be included for the evening?  We’re sorry, but that’s not a part of our approved activities because of Sea Mist liabililty.  Please choose other beverages for the evening.

I’m registering for BBH now but can I make a choice about dinner later?  No problem at all!  When you decide, just submit another copy of this same form but note that you’ve already registered.

Can I bring my own dinner into the Willow Hall during the Finish Line Buffet and Closing Ceremony?  Unfortunately no, that would be a violation of our contract with the Sea Mist.  We hope everyone will choose to join us for the awesome buffet and enjoy the evening surrounded by a few hundred of your closest greyhound friends.

Still have questions?
  Email the staff at