Beach Bound Hounds 2018 Presenters

Dr Shelley Lake (A Day In The Life Of A Racing Greyhound and Greyhound Q and A)
Shelley has worked with Greyhounds since 1993, when her love of dogs drew her to The
Woodlands Race Track in search of a summer job. She started out working with track vet and
greyhound farm owner, Dr. Rob Gillette, as a vet assistant and cared for the greyhounds on his
small farm. Later she went to work for Harvey Brown, trainer for Max Trice Kennel, at The
Woodlands as a kennel helper and to Beckner Kennel as an assistant greyhound trainer.
Shelley adopted her first greyhound, Hand Picked, in 1994 and decided she wanted to be a vet.
She continued working at the track on weekends and in summer, while at Kansas State College
of Veterinary Medicine, until she graduated in 1999. Between the years of 1999-2008 Shelley
juggled working at vet clinics with working at the track as both trainer and assistant trainer for
many different kennels.
Since she took in her first foster greyhound in 1996, Shelley has been busy adopting out
greyhounds as pets, as they retired from the track. Dr. Lake started her ongoing greyhound
cancer study in 2009. In 2010 she became the adoption rep for Flying Eagles Farm in Abilene
KS and now works with 15 farms getting adoptable greyhounds to groups and into homes.
Shelley has now moved over 3,000 greyhounds into adoption and is still a practicing
veterinarian as well. She has 13 current greyhounds and 34 angels.

Roy Scarborough (Canine Conversations) Roy became interested in training in 1984 after
joining an obedience club in Georgia. He participated in training conducted by Drs. Nicholas
Dodman, Karen Pryor and Michael Williams. Roy started Critter Sitter and began teaching dog
obedience professionally in 1997. In 2003 Roy was hired by Animal Behavior College of
Northbridge, CA to train their students, that were completing their Dog Training Certification
Program. He was active in competition obedience and his dog Prince earned several awards. In
2006 Roy was granted the Status of Certified Mentor Trainer, and now all graduation students
from ABC in the Southeast Georgia area serve a two to three month internship with him before
they can be certified as a professional dog trainer.
Roy has been associated with the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia since the late
1980’s. He provided training there for volunteers and staff in canine behavior and training. Roy
served three full terms on the Board of Directors for the HSSCG. In 2010 he was appointed as
the Trainer/Behaviorist for the Humane Society. He provides a free follow up visit for adopters of
animals from the Humane Society and Glynn County Animal Services. Roy has been a member
of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers since it was started by Dr. Dodman in the 1990’s
as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Roy is also a certified Trainer and Evaluator for the
American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen and Canine Community Citizen Programs since
Roy currently operates a business called Canine Behavior Services. He also provides
classroom training at a doggie day care business, St. Simons Puppy Paradise and The Humane
Society of South Coastal Georgia. He conducts orientation training for all new volunteers at the
Humane Society and offers individual in-home training and canine behavior problem solving

Dr. Ashley Oliphant (Shark Tooth Hunting Beach Walk and Seminar) Dr Oliphant is an
Associate Professor of English and the Chair of Humanities at Pfeiffer University in
Misenheimer, N.C. She is the author of three books: “Shark Tooth Hunting on the Carolina
Coast: the only guide to fossil shark teeth found in the Carolinas”; “Hemingway and Bimini: The
Birth of Sport Fishing: The End of the World,’”. Her third book, a novel titled “In Search of
Jimmy Buffett: A Key West Revival,” was released in April 2018.
Oliphant is an animal welfare advocate in her local community. As the founder of the Humane
Voters of Lincoln County, she spearheaded the successful movement to end the use of the gas
chamber at the county shelter. She now works with HATS (Helping Animals to Survive) in the
county’s effort to make the local shelter the first no-kill municipal facility in North Carolina.
In her spare time, Oliphant likes to read, garden, cook for her family (including her son Miller
and her husband Chris) and float in her swimming pool. She has two cats, Irish Kevin and
Schooner Wharf. Her life-long dreams are to own a signed first edition of Hemingway’s “The Old
Man and the Sea”; and to meet Jimmy Buffett.

Carl Doby (Greyhound Wound Healing and Splinting) Carl is the founder of Pro Greyhound
a rehabilitation group that takes in injured greyhounds, rehabs them and either returns them to
racing or places them with adoption groups after they are healed. Carl adopted his first
greyhound in 1996 and started rehabbing greyhounds in 2012. He has fostered around a 100
greyhounds for Greyhound Crossroads and was one of their Core Members for years. Carl
currently owns a few active racers, but most of his racers are already retired on his couch. He
does dog sitting and fund raisers to fund surgeries and rehab of retired racers. Carl has 7
greyhounds, 2 salukis and a cat.

Norma Ceaser (TTOUCH – Tellington Touch) Norma established her practice, The Animal-
Human Connection in 1995. Since that time, she has utilized her animal communication and
TTOUCH skills to help thousands of animals across the USA and Canada. In addition to
individual private sessions, both in-home and via telephone, Norma conducts workshops for
small groups, including Nutrition, TTOUCH, Animal Communication, Essential Oils, Natural
Products For Healthy Animals, Science-based Vaccine Protocols and Behavior Modification.
Her totally holistic approach to animal care, health, behavior and well-being has proven
successful in countless cases. Norma also was the trainer for the H.O.P.E. Program (Hounds of
Prison Education) at Camp Hill State Prison in Pennsylvania from 2013 – 2014, which involved
inmates training rescue dogs for adoption. Norma has given lectures and conducted workshops
animal rescue groups, various dog breed clubs, equestrian groups and veterinarians.

Amy Halliwell (Kumihimo Japanese Braiding) Amy is a South Carolina based bead designer
and teacher teaching individual and group classes. She has been doing beadwork for about 20
years specializing in kumihimo, right angle weave, peyote, square stitch, and loom work. Amy
has designed and made jewelry for weddings and proms. Amy has been volunteering in the
Augusta GA area for Greyhound Crossroads for 3 years and has 3 greyhounds, Vulcan
(otherwise known as the best greyhound ever), Girlfriend and Frosty.

Patti Goettler (Life after the Track -Greyhound Fun and Training) Patti is the Director and
Head Trainer at Greyt Hearts Service Dogs. She started out as a trainer of both show horses
and dogs. Patti spent 13 years as a Police Officer and helped develop the Animal Control
Department in Fredericksburg, VA. After suffering a severe horse driving accident in 1985, her
dog training skills were put to use to train her 130lb Borzoi as a Service Dog. Doctors and
disabled folks noticed and there was soon a demand for Service Dog training. During this period
she trained pretty much every conceivable breed….but the Sighthound sensitivity and brain kept
drawing her to them. Five years ago the first retired racing Greyhounds were trained and
became Greyt Hearts Service Dogs. The incredible temperament, wonderful handling on both
the farm and track produces a fantastic Hound to mold and train into a Working Service Dog.
Thirty one Happy Hounds are now managing their handlers issues and lives and more are in

Sam Fulton ( Steve Wirtz – Papier-Mâché Greyhound Sculpture Craft) Sam has enjoyed
making papier-mâché sculptures since she took her first class with artist Steve Wirtz in March of
2017. She likes to think of herself as Steve’s prodigy…wannabe. Sam is hoping when life slows
down this coming year she will be able to spend even more time practicing this art. For now, she
is truly enjoying teaching others the basics of papier-mâché.
Sam has owned greyhounds and has been active in greyhound adoption for over 20 years. She
was co-founder of CSRA Greyhounds in Augusta, Ga. which merged with Greyhound
Crossroads when Sam moved out of Augusta.  Sam spends half of each year in Indiana and the
other half of the year in Jekyll Island, Ga. She shares her life with her husband and 4 very
spoiled greyhounds. Besides fostering many greyhounds for both adoption groups, she has
been involved with, Sam is also one of the long distance adoption reps for Greyhound

Susan Colflesh (Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine Testing, Origami/Zhezhi Art
Workshop) Susan is a Core member of Greyhound Crossroads, and an AKC Canine Good
Citizen Tester. She has been involved in competitive Rally, Obedience and Rag Dog Racing,
and has done AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing at BBH for 15 years. All of Susan’s
Greyhounds and Whippets have been CGC certified and participated in pet therapy. Susan
enjoys crafts and art of all types and leads our annual workshop. Susan has an AKC show
Greyhound, a Whippet and 2 Italian Greyhounds, making sure she has one in every size.

Kim and Robert Owens (Shark Tooth Hunting and Origami/Zhezhi Art Workshop) Kim and
Robert started Beach Bound Hounds 19 years ago by inviting a few greyhound friends to go to
the beach with them and now have a lot more greyhound friends sharing the event. They fell in
love with greyhounds over twenty years ago, officially opened Greyhound Crossroads in the fall
of 1997 and have been the leaders of the group since. Greyhound Crossroads was chosen as
2015 Adoption Group of the Year by the American Greyhound Council and has placed around
2000 greyhounds. Kim and Robert’s current pack includes greyhound Oscar and female galga
from Spain named Jordan.  Avid lovers of the natural world, most of their hobbies are just an
excuse to involve a walk of some kind—combining that with greyhounds and crafting is a special
thrill for Kim. Kim and Robert are frequent visitors to Myrtle Beach and enjoy collecting
marvelous treasures from the ocean that wash up on the beach.