Beach Bound Hounds 2017 Presenters

Susan Colflesh (Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine Testing, Hawaiian Lei Making Workshop) Susan is a Core member of Greyhound Crossroads, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Tester. She has been involved in competitive Rally, Obedience and Rag Dog Racing, and has done AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing at BBH for 14 years. All of Susan’s Greyhounds and Whippets have been CGC certified and participated in pet therapy. Susan enjoys crafts and art of all types and leads our annual workshop. Susan has an AKC show Greyhound, a Whippet and 2 Italian Greyhounds, making sure she has one in every size.

Lynn Chatham (Essential Oils) Lynn’s love of Greyhounds started in 2003, when her first Greyhound Winnie (KAQ I Win Again) went with her to work every day. Winnie got her Canine Good Citizen Title and they became therapy dog partners, calling on hospice and the orthopedic floor at the hospital. Lynn has been owned by four Greyhounds including her current “oops puppy” Skye, CGC since. Lynn’s focus and love has been to help people to have better health by teaching complementary ways to traditional medicine. She decided to rid her own home and life of toxins, which led her to explore using Essential Oils. This has been an amazing journey! After researching, she found doTerra to be the most reputable, pure and most tested essential oils in the world, so began using those and making them available for purchase to her friends.

Sam Fulton (Treating Resistant Hookworms) Sam has owned Greyhounds for over 16 years. She was co-founder of CSRA Greyhounds in Augusta, Ga. which merged with Greyhound Crossroads when Sam moved out of Augusta.  Sam spends half her year in Breckenridge, Colorado with her husband and 3 very spoiled greyhounds and the other half of the year in Jekyll Island, Ga. Besides fostering many Greyhounds for both adoption groups she has been involved with, Sam is also GC Core and continues to be one of the Long Distance Adoptions while being long distance herself from Colorado.

Patti Goettler (Greyhound Service Dogs) Patti is the Director and Head Trainer at Greyt Hearts Service Dogs. She started out as a trainer of both Show Horses and Dogs spending 13 years as a Police Officer and developing the Animal Control Department in Fredericksburg, VA. After suffering a very severe horse driving accident in 1985, her dog training skills were put to use to train her 130lb Borzoi as a Service Dog. Doctors and disabled folks noticed and there was soon a demand for Service Dog training. During this period she trained pretty much every conceivable breed….but the Sighthound sensitivity and brain kept drawing her to them. Five years ago the first retired racing Greyhounds were trained and became Greyt Hearts Service Dogs. The incredible temperament, wonderful handling on both the farm and track produces a fantastic Hound to mold and train into a Working Service Dog. More than 25 Happy Hounds are now managing their handlers issues and lives and more are in training.

Dr. Paula Watkins (Dashing Through The Snow, Happy Tail and Microchipping Seminars) Paula, our BBH on-site Veterinarian, makes her home in Greenwood with husband Jim and sons Brett and Jackson.  She celebrates her ten year anniversary at Chinquapin Animal Hospital and has been attending BBH every year since returning home to Greenwood after school.  Although not a Greyhound owner (as much as we’ve tried to convert her!) her pack includes three cats, two Labs, and a very special needs Australian Shepherd who is blind and deaf.  Dr. Watkins specializes in Small Animal care and has helped expand the clinic to by offering her services in Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, Stem Cell Therapy, and Cold Laser surgery.  As one of the official vets for Greyhound Crossroads, we count on her as a resource for fosters, adopted families, special needs and difficult cases, and our personal dogs as well.  

Kim and Robert Owens (Tail Wrapping Workshop, Dashing Through the Snow and Sharks Teeth) Kim and Robert started Beach Bound Hounds 16 years ago by inviting a few greyhound friends to go to the beach with them and now have a lot more greyhound friends sharing the event. They fell in love with greyhounds over twenty years ago, officially opened Greyhound Crossroads in the fall of 1997 and have been the leaders of the group since. Greyhound Crossroads was chosen as 2015 Adoption Group of the Year in 2015 by the American Greyhound Council and has placed around 2000 greyhounds. Kim and Robert’s current pack includes greyhound Oscar and female Galgo from Spain named Jordan.  Avid lovers of the natural world, most of their hobbies are just an excuse to involve a walk of some kind—combining that with greyhounds and crafting is a special thrill for Kim. Kim and Robert are frequent visitors to Myrtle Beach and enjoy collecting marvelous treasures from the ocean that wash up on the beach.

Joanne Johnson  (Greyhound Photography and Guided Photoshoot) Joanne lives in Greenville SC and is a professional photographer that has been photographing fosters for Greyhound Crossroads for 16 years. She has fostered around 500 Greyhounds for GC since she adopted her first one. Currently she has Happy Stutz and one girl CTW NotGonnaBeg along with Peanut the Italian Greyhound. Joanne is one of the Core members of Greyhound Crossroads, a member of your BBH Staff and the Vice President of Pro Greyhound, a Greyhound rehabilitation organization. She is also a long time member of The Hounds of East Fairhaven, a reenactment group that performs at Medieval and Renaissance Festivals in GA, SC and NC. In her free time Joanne transports retired greyhounds from the Birmingham Race Course to adoption groups all over the US and Canada.

Jenn Boswell (Moving the Mobile Greyhounds/Microchipping) Jenn is the director of the Alabama Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Center (AGRAC) at the Birmingham Race Course and she was the head of The Greyhound Group in Alabama for 10 years. She logs thousands of miles every year driving dogs from race tracks (not just Birmingham) to adoption groups across the US and Canada, and with the help of her AGRAC staff moves 100 percent of the retired racers at the Birmingham Race Course to adoption groups. Most recently Jenn and her staff helped with the Mobile Track Closing and are still in the process of vetting dogs and getting them to waiting adoption groups. Jenn is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and will also be cooking our Friday lunch as a fund-raiser for AGRAC. If your adoption group needs dogs please be sure to talk to her. Besides a Greyhound, Jenn has Borzoi, Saluki and Silken Windhounds along with horses, chickens and parrots. 

Clay Partain (Moving the Mobile Greyhounds) Clay is the Assistant Director of the Alabama Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Center (AGRAC) at the Birmingham Race Course. He is also active in the Pitt Bull Rescue community and has several of his own. Clay works caring for the greyhounds in the two kennels located at the Race Course and also drives Greyhounds across the US and into Canada in Ellanore the hauler. It will be easy to recognize Clay, he is the guy with the sling on his arm due to an attack by a bird bath.