j15Beach Bound Hounds 2017 Seminars 
At the Sea Mist Convention Center in Myrtle Beach

Beach Bound Hounds Seminars held at the Sea Mist Resort Conference Center in Myrtle Beach SC
Well-behaved, quiet dogs are welcome at all seminars.
If your dog becomes disruptive, please remove it from the area.
THURSDAY Sept 21st (All Seminars in the Willow Hall)
10:30-11:00am AKC Trick Dog -Susan Colflesh (Willow Hall) Teaching your hound tricks is a great way to deepen that incredible bond between yourself and your dog! Our dogs are retired, but those houndy brains still need stimulation. Trick training is known to help dogs that experience separation anxiety, and doing a few tricks can provide distraction in a stressful situation. The very best thing that trick training does is to teach your dog “how to learn”, which makes him a better companion in your home and in the public. The first trick dog title offered by the AKC is Novice Trick Dog. For this title, your dog must perform 10 tricks or have an AKC registered CGC and perform 5 tricks. We will be talking about easy ways to teach a few fun tricks (who doesn’t like to show off their Greyhound?). Time permitting, Susan will be happy to evaluate any dog for the title, or schedule a later time for evaluation. Each test is $25, and dogs that qualify for the Novice Trick Dog Title will receive a gift to mark their accomplishment.
11:00 – 11:30am Stopping Happy Tail Mid-Swing (Tail Wrapping Workshop) – Kim Owens and Dr. Paula Watkins (Willow Hall) Happy Tail is notorious in the Greyhound world for causing a seemingly impossible injury to treat. Participants will try a priceless technique taught to Kim by one of the wisest Greyhound trainers she ever knew. This “trick” can save tails, walls, furniture, and sanity,you’re your checkbook before it reaches the point where surgical intervention is required. You’ve heard you need curlers or pop bottles to save Happy Tail? Come to this workshop and you’ll want to leave all that stuff in the recycling center where it belongs.
11:30 – 11:45 Simplure Demo -David and Ashley Lundberg (Willow Hall) What does your Greyhound dream about when he is twitching in his sleep? We found it and it is called The Simplure! Bring your dog to see the demo and be prepared for some crazy fun. This is a compact, easy to use lure machine similar to what was used to train your Greyhound during his racing days. It has 50 to 300 yards of line and speeds of 50mph. We will set up a short course indoors in the hall. Bring a strong leash and collar because your greyhound is likely to go NUTS!
2pm-3pm Hawaiian Lei Workshop – Kim Owens and Susan Colflesh (Willow Hall) Create your own Kukui Nut Leis with authentic materials flown over from Hawaii. Each participant will receive all the necessary materials to make their leis along with their own lei needle to take home for future projects. The workshop also includes the demonstration of several other kinds of leis and their creation as time permits. Cost is $12 per person. More supplies can be purchased to take home as long as supplies last.
2-3pm Ceramics Craft by I Was Fired in SC (Willow Hall) Join our talented artists to see what fun idea they’ve brought us to share Aloha! Walter and Laurie are happy to help you create the look you want with Greyhound paw prints, and stencils. Costs vary depending on what you choose. Create your pottery today before 5:00pm and it will be returned by the end of BBH to avoid shipping fees. This is a drop in Craft- come whenever you want to, stay as long as you want and make as many pieces as you want.
3pm-4pm Essential Oils – Can They Benefit My Greyhound? – Lynn Chatham (Willow Hall)- Lynn will introduce essential oils with a brief history of how they have been used throughout the ages and why we should consider using them to care for ourselves, our children, our homes and our pets. Find out what oils can be used for our animals and how to use them safely. After the free seminar there will be a “Make & Take” class where you will use essential oils to make an anti-anxiety blend and a bug spray to take home. Class size for the workshop portion is limited to the first 15 people. Cost is $12 prepaid to Lynn Chatham for the Make and Take portion only. The seminar is free and open to everyone.
4-5pm Treating Resistant Hookworms—Sam Fulton (Cypress Rooms) Adoption groups and Greyhound owners are suddenly running into drug resistant strains of hookworms that can be very difficult to get rid of. Sam guides you through the treatments her vets came up with for her dogs and fosters when they came down with a particularly resistant type. What medications are effective on these new strains? When and how long to treat? Sam shares her often frustrating experiences with us.
FRIDAY Sept 22nd (All Seminars in Cypress Rooms 1 or 2 on main level unless noted)
8am-9am Finding Sharks Teeth -Robert Owens (Located on the Beach behind the Sandcastle Hotel) A yearly activity that has become a BBH tradition. Enjoy a relaxing morning walk with your Greyhounds searching for the 40,000 year old fossil shark’s teeth that are unique to a few SC beaches. Robert will explain where and how to look, and how to turn them into wearable art in Myrtle Beach.
9am – 10am Greyhound Photography – Joanne Johnson (Cypress Room 1) Learn simple tricks to getting that perfect photo of your Greyhound! No special camera required, a cell phone is all you need. One photo is often all potential adopters see of your foster, so this is specifically tailored for adoption groups and foster homes. What photos help adoptions and what photos don’t? The same tips work to get gorgeous shots of your personal Greyhounds too. Be sure to attend the guided photoshoot at 10 following this seminar!
9:30-11:30am-Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine Test–Susan Colflesh (Cypress Room 2)- If your greyhound walks politely on a loose leash, can stand quietly when meeting a person, for grooming or with another dog nearby and can sit, down and do a short stay, he or she can probably pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test! A full explanation of what is required to pass tests can be found at the CGC sign up table at the entrance of the conference center. The advanced version of the Canine Good Citizen Test is called the Community Good Citizen “CGCA”, and will be offered by appointment only. Your dog must have already passed the Canine Good Citizen test and have had that certification registered as a title with the AKC, demonstrate those CGC behaviors, plus leave food on command and have a strong stay in a variety of situations. To participate, register your dog at the CGC display in the lobby of the BBH Conference Center. All dogs who qualify for a CGC or CGCA will receive a gift to mark their accomplishment. Recognition photos will be taken at the Closing Ceremonies. Each test is $25.
10-11am Guided Greyhound Photoshoot – Joanne Johnson (Starts at Cypress Room 1 and continues outdoors in various settings). Be sure to attend the Greyhound Photography seminar at 9am first. Bring your cell phone or camera and get some beautiful shots of your greyhounds with a photographer’s help. This will be hands on, posing and other tricks you can use to get a memorable shot of your dog to hopefully share with us later on our BBH Facebook page.
2-3pm Dashing Through The Snow – Along For The Ride With Athletes of Dog Sled Racing— Kim Owens and Dr Paula Watkins (Cypress Rooms) The sport of Dog Sled Racing is enjoyed the world over. Kim Owens and Dr. Paula Watkins were lucky enough to experience the excitement first-hand while volunteering with the Vet Team for the Upper Peninsula 200, a race held on the far northern edge of Michigan. They share experiences of working first-hand with these amazing athletes, training and race injuries of our ”speed” runner versus their “endurance” teams over the course of the three day race.
3-4pm Greyhound Service Dogs -Patti Goettler (Cypress Rooms) Find out the why, wherefore and see some “doin’ it”!! Greyt Hearts Service Dogs are working as PTSD dogs, Counter Balance / Mobility dogs, Seizure Alert and Medical Alert for a plethora of issues. The clever hounds help folks live more normal lives and in many cases, keep their handlers alive!
4-5pm Moving The Mobile Dogs-A Behind The Scenes Look At A Track Closing – Jenn Boswell and Clay Partain (Cypress Rooms) The Mobile Greyhound Track just closed in August which meant 100s of Greyhounds needed to be moved to Adoption Groups. Jenn and Clay made several trips to the Mobile track to pick up dogs in their large hauler, Ellenore. They took in nearly 100 dogs at their kennels in Birmingham AL. Find out what it takes to move and care for that many greyhounds, arrange vetting and then transport them to groups across the US and Canada. A fascinating look at the dedication of the Alabama Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Center staff.
SATURDAY Sept 23rd (All Seminars in the Cypress Room on the Main Level)
4-5pm Microchip Clinic- Jenn Boswell and Dr. Paula Watkins (Cypress Rooms) A great chance to get your dogs affordably microchipped and instantly registered online with a lifetime registration…all for one price! Make sure your dog is safe and gets back to you by having a Universal Datamar Microchip implanted for only $20.