j15Beach Bound Hounds 2018 Seminars 

At the Sea Mist Convention Center in Myrtle Beach

Beach Bound Hounds Seminars held at the Sea Mist Resort Conference Center in Myrtle Beach SC
Well-behaved, quiet dogs are welcome at all seminars.
If your dog becomes disruptive, please remove it from the area.
Thursday, September 13

10:30-11am CGC and CGCA Training Questions and Answers -Susan Colflesh.
A quick opportunity to have your questions answered if you are thinking about having your dog tested for the AKC Canine Good Citizen or Community Canine Titles or need help with training for future tests — AND brush up on basic your basic Origami (Japanese) and Zhezhi (Chinese) skills by making a quick simple rabbit!

11-Noon Origami/Zhezhi Craft Susan Colflesh and Kim Owens.
Celebrate our Year of the Dog Theme by learning the beautiful Japanese and Chinese art of folding paper animals. We will start with a few easy designs and and progress to a more involved Crane.

1-7pm Ceramics Craft by I Was Fired in SC .
Your chance to create your own BBH souvenir. Pick out a piece of pottery to paint and they will help you create the look you want. Greyhound paw prints! Greyhound Stencils! Have fun!
There is a charge for the pottery depending on the piece. Create your pottery on Thursday and they will fire it and have it back for you to take home by the end of BBH. Come and leave when you want.

1-2pm TTOUCH For Dogs- Norma Ceaser.
TTOUCH improves behavior, performance, and overall well-being, and enhances your relationship with your greyhound. It activates the function of the body’s cell and awakens cellular intelligence. You will learn a circular touch pattern that can be used on humans or animals to help heal injuries or ailments and to change undesirable habits or behaviors.

2-3pm Japanese Kumihimo Braiding Craft – Amy Halliwell.
Kumihimo is a Japanese word meaning gathering threads or braided cord. Beautiful Kumihimo braids can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, curtain ties, belts, tag collars, leashes and many other things. In this class you will make either a necklace for yourself or a tag collar for your greyhound. The kit for this class costs $10.

3-5pm Papier-mâché Greyhounds—Sam Fulton.
Learn how to make a Steve Wirtz style papier-mâché sculpture! Our class includes everything you need, including a Steve Wirtz, handmade greyhound frame in one of a variety of poses. Paper and glue will also be supplied. If you want your sculpture a certain color, you may bring your own craft paper or you can paint it later.  If you want a frame in a different pose a second one can be purchased for $20.
Class fee is $40 and is limited to first 30 people. Must register, order extra frames and pay in advance through Paypal In note section: specify that it is for Papier-mâché Class and what style frame you want: Roaching, Standing, Sitting or Play Bowing Greyhound. To see examples of Steve’s art go to his facebook page

4-5pm Ceramics Seminar– I Was Fired in SC.
Learn new techniques that will make your ceramic projects even more beautiful.

FRIDAY September 14

7:30-8:30am Finding Sharks Teeth -Robert Owens and Dr. Ashley Oliphant
A relaxing morning walk with your Greyhounds looking for the shark’s teeth that are all over SC beaches.

9-10am – Life after the Track – Training and Fun For Your Greyhound-Patti Goettler
Patti trains Greyhound Service Dogs and shows that Greyhounds are very smart. Patti will teach us training activities that are enjoyable for our whole pack as well as the humans.

9:30-11am -Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine Test–Susan Colflesh.
A full explanation of what is required to pass tests can be found at the CGC sign up table at the entrance of the conference center or see
The advanced version of the Canine Good Citizen Test is called the Community Good Citizen “CGCA”, and will be offered by appointment only.
You can get more information about the CGCA here: . Each test is $25.

10-11am Shark’s Teeth of the Carolinas – Dr Ashley Oliphant.
Be sure to be at the beach from 8am-9am for the earlier Sharks Teeth Beach Walk with Dr. Oliphant. Then come inside to learn more about shark teeth and how to findthem from the author of Shark Tooth Hunting on the Carolina Coast. Dr Oliphant is the author of the only guide to fossil shark teeth found in the Carolinas.

11am – noon Greyhound Wound Healing and Splinting– Carl Doby
Greyhounds have incredibly thin, fragile skin.  As the founder of Pro Greyhound, Carl Doby will demonstrate the latest tips and techniques that he has learned from the dog men, vets and specialists he works closely with.

2-3pm A Day in the Life of a Racing Greyhound – Dr Shelley Lake
Dr. Lake will take you through a typical race day (Sunday) at the Woodlands in Kansas City, KS.  We will follow Dr Lake’s retired greyhound, Mulberry Jet, through this day of his racing career.  Mulberry Jet was born 6/13/00, and ran 213 races (most of them in Grade A).

3-5pm Canine Conversations  – Roy Scarborough, ABCMT
Dogs have an amazing language that is uniform across breeds, geographic locations and interspecies associations. We will study dogs body posturing, ritualistic behaviors and vocalizations that make up this rich language and learn how to use it to train them, modify their behavior and help them to be highly adoptable companions.

SATURDAY September 15

4-5pm Greyhound Questions and Answers – Dr Shelley Lake –
Shelley is a Former Greyhound Track Trainer, current veterinarian, and adoption volunteer that moves retired greyhounds from Kansas farms to adoption groups across the country.