Costume Contests: – All will be BBH theme-related meaning they must have a Hawaiian theme.

  • Best Female Greyhound Costume
  • Best Male Greyhound Costume
  • Best owner/canine costume and Best group costume – Please limit to 3 owners with canines

Other Fun Contests:

  • Longest Tail
  • Shortest Tail
  • Baldest Butt
  • Most Elderly Lady and Gentleman Greyhound
  • The itsy bitsy teeny weeny very special greyhound and galgo bikini contest.  A gender-neutral contest, don’t tell and we won’t ask.  Lol But please NO thongs!  Greyhounds and galgos only – NO humans.
  • The itsy bitsy teeny weeny little bitty canine bikini contest. This is for all pups under30 lbs. Canines only!  All the above rules apply.
  • The itsy bitsy teeny weeny any other canine above 30 lbs contest.  Any breed may participate.  All the above rules apply.



Walk the hula hoop trail, a fun game for your greyhound with a reward of treats at the end. Swap the hua.  This game should bring plenty of laughs.  Involves a couple, a greyhound, a spoon hula hoops and a hua.  A couple and be any two people who care to participate.

Musical Hoops