Saturday Night Buffet Menu

Just $28 each! Must be pre-ordered. Deadline September 2, 2018.

You can bring your dogs!

In honor of The Year of the Dog, our Saturday buffet will feature Chinese choices along with some typical options.  Our tentative menu includes the following items along with a few other additions.  We will confirm the menu closer to September after meeting with the Catering Chef at the Sea Mist.

Salad with Asian, Ranch, and Italian dressings
Miso Soup
Stir Fried Beef
Pork Roast (Not Asian)
Yakitori- Grilled chicken skewers
Stir Fry Rice
Soy Glazed Squash and Zucchini
Vegetable Medley (Not Asian)
Chinese Dessert Donuts
Iced Tea, Coffee, and Hot Water for Tea
Soy Sauce
Fortune Cookies