1) What are the dates for BBH19?

September 24-27. Registration for Beach Bound Hounds is open.

2) I’ve changed my plans and will not be attending. Can I receive a refund for my registration?

Although most events do not offer refunds, we will refund your registration fee (minus the PayPal fee) until July 1 every year. After that date, the funds have been spent in purchasing the imprinted materials and other items.

3) Then if I can’t receive a refund, can someone else pick up my bag? Or can you mail it?

Yes, you can ask someone to do that for you, and the bags will be marked as picked up. We don’t offer to mail bags because they are large and heavy.  Trying to mail bags after the event would create a problem and cost us quite a bit in shipping.

4) What about transferring my registration to someone else who can go in my place?

Not a problem either, BUT we require them to fill out the registration form. Otherwise, they will not be in our database and won’t be given the items they’ll need once they arrive. Just email the staff should this situation arise and we’ll be happy to help.

5) How are the registration fees used?

Greyhound Crossroads is a non-profit Greyhound adoption group run strictly by volunteers. No compensation is kept for the staff from the registration fees collected. All funds are used to purchase materials, rent the building and equipment, copy the program book, etc. Funds raised from this event support our adoption work for the rest of the year.

6) What does my registration include?

With each paid registration participants receive one imprinted Welcome Bag that comes stuffed with goodies donated by our generous sponsors and supporters. You also receive other items that have been purchased for use throughout the weekend, including contest prizes, raffle supplies, Memorial Service gifts, and necessary supplies for the free seminars and activities. Your registration gains you admission to all activities for the four days except a few special opportunities with a fee attached, like Canine Good Citizen Certification. Those activities usually involve more expensive supplies or a registration fee, and are clearly designated as “fee required”.

7) Are dogs really allowed at all of the events?

YES! The only exception is eating in any restaurant other than the approved locations at Barefoot Landing. All organized events at the Sea Mist allow your dogs to attend with you. If there is an exception for any reason, that will be clearly posted. Please consider your own dogs and their ability to relax and attend with you, however, and make other arrangements if they might cause a disturbance for the presenters or others around you.

8) What are the rules on taking dogs onto the beach?

The City of Myrtle Beach allows dogs on the beach all day long after Labor Day and before May 1. Between May 1st and Labor Day, dogs are NOT allowed on the beach between 9am and 5pm. That’s why our event has always been held after that date. Myrtle Beach State Park is not within the City Limits, and therefore no rules apply. Obviously dogs must never be allowed off-leash on any beach or outdoors at any BBH activity.

9) Are there any locations where dogs absolutely are not allowed?

Yes, two specific places. In Myrtle Beach it’s against the law to have dogs inside pool areas. Please plan to walk around and not through these areas with your dogs. Also, the shopping area Broadway at the Beach is very public about their No Pets policy. They are well-known for their security guards approaching unknowing visitors with dogs and firmly escorting them off the property immediately.

10) What if I need a vet or doctor during our stay?

For needs which are not true emergencies, we have at least one vet on call who attends the entire weekend. They don’t have the equipment for a true emergency however, so in those cases you should go immediately to the closest facility. We always include a page in your program book at the back which gives contact information for human and dog emergencies or assistance.

11) Why am I asked to register before I call the hotel?

The hotel we use for BBH has been completely reserved for our registered families only. If you try to get a reservation at the resort you may be sent to another building away from our registered families and away from the action. Please be responsible and help Greyhound Crossroads be able to afford this event by paying your fair share to register.

12) If I have dogs other than greyhounds, can they come too?

Of course! We’ve had everything from a tiny Chihuahua puppy just weeks old to Mastiffs. Just please remember that this is primarily a Greyhound event. Most of the contests are geared toward special features of our breed. Naturally, all dogs that attend must be comfortable in crowds and friendly to others.